Auto Membership Renewals


Pay2Play has a very powerful membership management module which can automate membership renewal.  Members have a Valid Until / Expiry date loaded against their membership. Pay2Play automatically sends out a reminder email notice X days before the membership expiry date (X day = club decides how many days in advance).

A message will also appear when you sign in to book a court telling you your membership is about to expire.  The Club / Facility makes up the membership renewal email content to suit (example below).

Each member has a membership category (Eg Junior, Senior Couple, Family etc), the email will automatically pick up the membership category and subscription amount so you only need one simple generic email. The system automatically picks up the field within the << >>

Eg Hi << >> your membership is about to expire on << expiry date>> if you would like to renew your subscription please click on the My MEMBERSHIPS link and pay $<< amount of sub>> . Etc….

There are 2 options available.  

  1. Members pay by Credit Card or Internet Banking via Pay2Play.  When their payment is made online the expiry date for their membership category (and door code) is automatically extended for the term of the membership (e.g. 3, 6, or 12 months).  Pay2Play charge a small transaction fee for this service to cover our administration and bank fees. Subscription fees collected by Pay2Play (NZ) Ltd and paid monthly to your club / facility bank account with a report of memberships renewed.
  2. Members can deposit their subscriptions directly into your bank account and email your administrator.  When the deposit is confirmed membership database list can easily be manually updated with the new membership expiry date(s). There is no administration fee charged by Pay2Play for this manual option.

If the member does not renew their subscription their door / gate code and courts booking rights are automatically suspended.

These features are huge time savers for club administrators and very member friendly.  Please contact us at Pay2Play if you have any queries regarding automating member management and we would be happy to help.


Monthly memberships types can be set up to auto-renew on a set number of days before the monthly membership expiry date. The Pay2Play system automatically sends a request to your credit card or visa debit card for the amount due for your monthly membership. We use a secure method for this which means you credit card details are safe.  When the payment is approved our system automatically extends the membership out 1 month.

Monthly memberships have been shown to not only be easier for member and club cash flow but also reduce member attrition rates as there is no annual renewal shock. 


Pay2Play makes it easy to sign up new members.  When casual players book courts there are repeated opportunities to click the “Request Membership” button.  Prospective members fill out your details, create a username and password (as you need this to login to Pay2Play to book a court and to pay your sub) and the request is sent to the Club Admin(s). 

The Admin / Committee decide if they want to accept the membership. Once approved the administrator simply links the new member to your clubs membership list in Pay2Play, loads a just expired membership date, create a door code.  The new member can then be emailed a welcome message with their logon details, facility access code, information on how to pay and other useful club information.

The new member signs into Pay2Play, clicks onto their Membership Profile and follows a link to pay their sub online. As soon as the payment is made their subscription date (which was the expired date you load) is automatically renewed for the term of their subscription (could be 3 to 12 months renewals) 

Example of membership types follow: