“About Pay2Play”

Pay2Play is a simple and cost effective solution that will revolutionize access to your club for members and casual non-members.

No more keys,tags or swipe cards, every member has their own personal key code. If they don’t pay their subs you cancel their door code. No need to get the old key back.

**Major Cash Benefit**
Casual Non-members can book a court online and we issue them with a one use door or gate code so they can get in. We give them instruction on how to find your club and a list of your rules.
You can even provide rackets and balls for the complete novice players via a separate combination lockable cupboard.

This system has been work successfully at several clubs including the Havelock North Squash Club who have been using the Pay2Play system for 5yrs. It has saved over $2,000 on keys and locksmith charges alone. The club has also picked up several new members as a direct result of using Pay2Play. Please feel free to contact the club for their testimonial.

Here’s what you get:
Wifi keypad operated Pay2Play Door Lock loaded with your member door codes.
Simply add and delete members via wifi.
Online booking system.
Membership data base.
Automatic membership renewal option, members pay their subs online and membership is auto renewed.

Check out the demo club at www.pay2play.co.nz 
You can login using username info@pay2play.co.nz and password demo to sign in an have a go.

Pricing Options

Option 1

No upfront costs other than some installation costs 

We need power and an ethernet connection to the door. 

We need to install our electronic keypad, electric door strike and our wifi computer that operates the lock. 

Monthly Lease min is $120pm + GST and a 15% fee charged on all casual codes sold, this covers Bank and Credit Card Merchant fees and our admin for collecting the court fees and paying them out to you. 

Example someone books a court for 1 hour, the court fee is $15.00  (you set the court fee amount) less our 15% admin fee $2.25 you net $12.75 and this is paid to your Club monthly. 

There is no admin fees on Members bookings or bookings made by the Club Admin. (no bank fees or admin to worry about)

Option 2

You purchase some of the upfront hardware, this can vary from venue to venue please phone for an estimate, other costs as mentioned in Option 1

We will reduce the monthly Lease if you make a Capital Contribution (varies depending on amount of capital contribution) and the same 15% fee for casual codes sold as in option 1 applies. 

In option 2 you can can apply for funding via community funding trusts who see this as a great opportunity for Clubs to increase participation in sport.

You can also incorporate the cost of a simple security system at the same time with a DVD-R and Cameras to record who is coming and going from the club. 

Please contact us at Pay2Play if you have any queries regarding our system and we would be happy to help.



Dean Remihana 0274 468 618

John Penny 021 249 9778

Kim Bone 021 79 690

Support Line 0800 002 381